An Exemplary Legacy
Josef Lauten founded GARANT Group in 1956. Starting his business as an entrepreneur, he decided to spare following generations the experienced fate of the hard fight in initial competition. His foundation brought to life in 1990, laid the ground for targeted promotion and support of the new blood in the furniture business. In this sense, the foundation work is being continued since 1993 after his death. In focus of the sponsorship lie course-related projects for design and sales of furniture items. The founders wish stays alive with the association articles of the foundation, which stipulate the utilization of funds in collaboration with Detmolder School of Architecture and Interior Design, as well as the school of furniture trade in Cologne (Fachschule des Möbelhandels Köln). The success and the significance of the foundations’ work can be read with the multitude of impressive works which are presented in the documentation to the 20th anniversary of the Josef-Lauten-Stiftung. In the foreground of all projects of the Detmolder School of Architecture and Interior Design and the school of furniture trade in Cologne (Fachschule des Möbelhandels Köln) stands the tight interlock of studies and practice. Students of design in Detmold engaged in the development of design and functionality in various areas (such as: „new kitchen“, or „Hifi-furniture“), or implemented the contemporary furnishing of a rococo palace in an inspiring way. The offspring of the Cologne school for example looked into the role of the field work or the meaning and purpose of event marketing in furniture retailing and trade. Our goal ist to encourage these findings of the creative research projects, in which new and transverse thoughts are allowed.